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Women are amazingly powerful beings. We are incubators. We take dreams and turn them into reality. We encourage! We support! We inspire! Arrivistas move, breathe and exude purpose!

With our monthly Virtual Planning Parties, we are building a community of strong, bold and fearless women who support and motivate each other to become better than they were yesterday. Join our mailing list to become a member of the collective. We share planning tips and tricks, share stories, triumphs and build a supportive tribe of Arrivistas that are spending 2024 enriching their lives, identifying and living in their purpose.

Our VPPs are a space where we celebrate our culture and work toward our goals. I am excited to meet each and every one of you who have supported my dream in making the success of The Arrivista Planner a reality. Feel free to follow me @JetSetGG, DM me your stories, tell me how The Arrivista Planner is changing your life and the way you view yourself. Tell me about the milestones you have accomplished.

Our magic is real! We encompass it in droves. Let’s showcase our power! We will be sending out monthly updates, encouraging stories of fellow Arrivistas, lifestyle tips as well as upcoming Arrivista events. Follow our official social media pages @ArrivistaPlanner on Instagram and Facebook. We’re in this together! Let’s stay connected!


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