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The Arrivista Planner | 2023 EXCEL Collection

The Arrivista Planner | 2023 EXCEL Collection

Hey Arrivistas!

I’m Grace affectionately known as GG! My parents often refer to me as a busy body. They would always say to me “Grace, you just can’t sit still!” Sitting still was never my strong suit. I’ve been an avid planner user since the age of ten. A planner has been part of my back to school shopping list since the 5th grade. Daily planners have been imperative in keeping me organized from childhood to adulthood. Being the Arrivista Planner Queen Mother and watching The Arrivista Planner Tribe grow has been an absolute joy! I am so thankful for the support that The Arrivista Planner editions have received since 2019. I am now ecstatic to debut our 2023 EXCEL Collection.

You were created to walk in EXCELLENCE!  A gift is embedded within you. Your gift is inherently connected to your purpose. Your gift will set you apart. However, in order for the unique capacity of your gift to be valued you must operate it with excellence.  What would happen if you allowed yourself to focus with such zeal that you thought, walked, created, dreamed and executed every single aspect of your life in excellence? 

You have the ability to impact the world.  In 2020 we practiced SELF-CARE, in 2021 we focused on INSPIRING ourselves and others, in 2022, we tapped into our God-given CREATIVITY. As we move into 2023 we are taking our skills and gifts and operating in EXCELLENCE in order to affect change.  You are the solution to an issue that the world needs-all you must do is operate your gift in EXCELLENCE  according to your purpose and walk into the divine destiny God created for you! 

The Arrivista Planner is part of my PURPOSE and my sole desire to help you identify and live yours with BOLDNESS, CREATIVITY & EXCELLENCE!


As I unveil the 2023 EXCEL Collection, I hope you feel the intentionality with which they were created! We embarked upon inspiration last year and this year our focus is to unearth the creative within you while continuing to live with intention and make daily decisions based upon purpose. The Arrivista Planner is more than an organizer, it’s a lifestyle architect and its growth and evolution is my ministry.  Cheers to purpose, planning and precision all 2022 and beyond!



After years of purchasing planners, I realized that there were no planners that were reflective of my vibrant culture or offered me the balance that I needed. Yes, it helped me stay busy but it never helped me sit still and reflect. I wanted an all-encompassing planner that included tips on fiscal responsibility, personal empowerment, spiritual well-being and self-care. Each day is a step toward your destiny and I wanted to create a planner that reflected that notion.

 Arrivista Planners, notebooks, stationery and accessories

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An unapologetically determined creative woman who inspires herself and others to set and accomplish purpose-driven goals, practices routine self-care by any means necessary and celebrates herself and others. We have built a beautiful community of Arrivistas who plan and play together.  With our monthly VPPs we connect with one another and remain accountable to each other to ensure that we are making progress toward our vision and goals. Become an official member of the Arrivista Tribe and join our mailing list!




I desired to produce a planner that showcased our magic at its best. Bold, vibrant Ankara print is incorporated in The Arrivista Planner design. I am extremely proud of my rich Ghanaian heritage and wanted to display the beauty of our traditional prints. Our 4th edition showcases our exclusive print in Pink Topaz, Onyx & Opal, Jade and Purple Sapphire with gold accents. Make a colorful splash in the boardroom, classroom or at brunch with your Arrivista Planner!




For women who find the typical path to personal and professional success demanding, unrealistic, and at odds with their faith and values, The Arrivista Planner is a breath of fresh air. It provides community and the concrete and measurable steps needed to achieve goals, live well, and love well.

The Arrivista Planner has a bold, daring style that speaks to the incomparable style of a  woman on a mission.




Our Arrivistas are always bold and unique. Snag your vibrant Mini Notebook Bundle and keep it cute while jotting down your awesome ideas. Make sure you’re on time to important meetings and events with your Daily Schedule Notepad. Our handmade vegan leather tassels are the perfect way to accessorize your planner with a pop of color and whimsy! The EXCEL Collection will set you apart when you make plans, take notes in the classroom or boardroom and grab brunch with your besties!

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